Companies considering or in the early stages of Channel development will especially benefit from the following services.

Readiness Planning, Competitive Assessments and Gap Analysis

Successful Channel initiatives share a common characteristic of not being an afterthought but complementary to and supported by a company’s overall product and Go to Market strategy. Our Readiness Planning service mitigates the risk of investing at the wrong time and provides an actionable plan to generate partner driven revenue as quickly as possible. We will quickly evaluate every applicable function within your company: including product fit, pricing, target markets, market positioning, and sales coverage, benchmark your competition’s best practices and work with your team to insure you can maximize an in-direct sales strategy. To learn more about our assessment service Download the PDF.

Accelerated Channel Development

Time to revenue for new Channel initiatives often fall short of expectations. Limited resources impact your ability to influence partner behavior and identify and win new business. KPCG Associates experience with emerging growth companies enables you to accelerate the “Partner Learning Curve”; gaining traction quickly and moving to a profitable growth model .

Partner Criteria and Recruiting

Determining the types of Partners you want and then convincing them to work with you requires a mix of understanding your prospective partner’s business, establishing your value to them, and the sales skills needed to sign them up. Get it right and your business can grow. Get it wrong and you lose time and money. KPCG can help you establish meaningful criteria, insure you have a compelling Partner Value Proposition and then build and execute your recruiting plan.

Program Development

Channel Programs guide how your company relates to its partner ecosystem and sets support and financial return expectations for your partners. KPCG Associates can build a basic program including contracts, financial incentives, enablement programs, marketing plans and sales operations designed for your business or work with your team to refine your existing program.

Market Expansion via Adjacent Markets or New Geographies

Channel Development is often the route to market for new industries or geographies. The ability to integrate the nuances of vertical industry marketing and international expansion into a Channel program is a core competency of KPCG Associates. We can work with you to insure your Channel driven market entry initiative creates new revenue for your company.

Alliances Management

Alliances come in all shapes and sizes, from joint marketing initiatives through widely disbursed joint development agreements. They all require focused and consistent attention cross functionally across the participating companies. KPCG has especially deep experience in establishing, managing and re-invigorating complex alliances so they meet the objectives you set for them.

If you already have a Channel Partner it performing the way you expected? If not, KPCG Associates can supplement your team to identify and fix issues holding you back. For example;


Do you have the right partners?

Markets, products and businesses are constantly evolving and yesterday’s Channel Partners may not be the ones to grow your business in the future. KPCG Associates can take an objective look at your portfolio of partners and work with your team to determine if their skills and business models are aligned with your company’s evolution. To learn more about our Partner Assessment Service and the Partner Mindshare Index download the PDF.

Are they fully capable of selling your solution?

Most Partner reps carry multiple products and will usually recommend those that are easiest for them to sell. KPCG Associates can design and implement enablement programs, from tactical initiatives through fully constructed sales certification programs to gain mind share and insure your Channel Partner sales reps can sell your products efficiently.

Do they need your help to efficiently market your solution?

Helping your Channel Partners build a pipeline of new business opportunities is one of the most effective ways of insuring they will contribute to your own growth. Channel partners typically do a great job of selling to their existing customers but may not have the Marketing skills and resources to enter new markets and acquire new customers. KPCG Associates can help your Marketing team craft a Channel Marketing Program and, if needed, bring in the resources to develop and execute specific campaigns. 

Are you reaching the stage where it makes sense to start tiering your partners?

Channel Partner’s performance; and their potential for future performance, varies widely and best in class Channel Programs allocate their resources and programs accordingly. KPCG Associates can build and execute a tiering strategy that fits your business objectives and insures key elements of your program, from proactive  business planning through marketing support and financial incentives are applied for maximum benefit.

Do you have enough Partner Sales Capacity to meet your goals?

Your Channel revenue performance is highly dependent on the Sales Capacity within your Partner network. Sales Capacity is a function of the number of well performing Partners you have, the number of reps that are able to sell your products, the mind share you have and the effectiveness of all the supporting activities that lead to a successful sale. KPCG Associates can help establish baseline metrics to support your ongoing revenue goals.

Is your Channel Revenue Forecasting unpredictable?

Revenue performance is the ultimate measure of a Channel Program’s success but often there are underlying issues that will eventually affect your financial performance. For example, is deal size shrinking? Is pipeline velocity slowing? Are your Partners winning new accounts or adopting your new products? Have there been changes in your Partner Sales Capacity? Every business has forward looking indicators of performance and KPCG Associates can help you identify and measure the ones critical for your Channel business.