Passion usually is an important driver for success, especially with emerging growth companies. Founders and members of the executive team are truly passionate about the products they're developing and bringing to market. That single minded passion helped them secure funding, attract key employees and convince early adopters to use their products.

But, that passion can get in the way of profitably scaling your business. A company's success with a small number of early adopters can lead to building a sales team before you're ready.  You may have an unformed sales and operations model or a limited view of the broader market. Adding too much sales capacity before you’re “ready” can lead higher burn rates and disappointing revenue performance The Harvard Business Review Article, "The Sales Learning Curve" provides an outstanding view of this predicament and how to avoid it.

 The same situation can exist when companies begin to consider Channel Partner recruitment and enablement. Prospective Channel Partners and especially their sales teams don't share your passion; your potential partners are passionate about growing their margins and satisfying the immediate needs of their existing customers. Your products are simply another alternative for them to achieve these goals. So, be a little less passionate about your own business and know how your product can build their margins and satisfy their customers. Emerging Growth Companies who can translate their passion and value in programs that fit the Channel will go a long way in reducing their "Partner’s Sales Learning Curve to build profitable business for both of you.